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Version: 4.0.8



When attempting to authenticate with the Identity Provider or access the administration website, a prompt will appear, requesting user credentials. Please click the 'Cancel' button to proceed to the authentication screen. SimpleIdServer is configured by default to accept client certificates.


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SimpleIdServer is the first open-source project developed with .NET that comprehensively covers all aspects of an Identity and Access Management software

IAM aspectsSimpleIdServer's features
AuthenticationSupports multiple security protocols such as : OPENID, SAML2.0 and WS-Federation
Configure one or more external identity providers, such as Facebook.
Utilize various authentication methods such as Mobile application, OTP Code, Email, SMS and Login & Password.
AuthorizationControl the user's permissions in one or more applications using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
User managementConfigure one or more automatic identity provisioning workflows to fetch users automatically from LDAP and/or SCIM 2.0 REST API.
Configure one or more manual identity provisioning workflows that can be used by the end-user to create an account.
Central user repositoryOur SCIM 2.0 server can be used to store users and groups.