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Version: 4.0.5

External identity providers

SimpleIdServer can utilize external Identity Providers to authenticate the end-user.

When the end-user authenticates for the first time with their external account, a local account will be automatically created in your Identity Provider.

This process is also known as the Just-In-Time Provisioning workflow.

Currently, SimpleIdServer only supports Facebook authentication.


To use Facebook as an external Identity Provider, follow these steps :

  1. Navigate to the Authentication menu and click on the Authentication link.
  2. Select the External identity providers tab and click on the button Add Identity Provider button.
  3. Under Identity Provider Type, choose Facebook and click on the Next button.
  4. Fill-in the form like this and click on the Next button.
Display NameNew facebook
  1. Follow this tutorial to obtain the AppId and AppSecret. Then, complete the form accordingly and click Add.


The Just-In-Time Provisioning workflow utilizes a list of mapping rules to transform incoming Claims into a local account.

There are two types of Mapping Rules:

  • User attribute : It is a dynamic user claim, for example, DateOfBirth.
  • User property : It is a static user claim, for example, FirstName or Email.