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Version: 4.0.5


API ScopeRestrict access to the REST API/resources.
Automatic Identity Provisioning WorkflowRetrieve users from one storage and create their accounts in the local Identity Provider.
Authentication MethodA process through which the Identity Management System verifies who the user or application is.
CategoryA category describes the type of client, for example, Single Page Application (SPA)
ClientThe client is the application that is attempting to act on behalf of the user or access the user's resources.
Enrollment ProcessRegister the mobile application in the Identity Server is necessary if you wish to receive PUSH notifications.
Identity And Access Management (IAM)Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an approach that manages and organizes all of your user identities into one system with a consistent set or rules and policies.
Identity Provider (IDP)An Identity Provider (IDP) is a system that creates, maintains, and manages a user's digital identity.
Identity ScopeOPENID/Identity scopes are used by a client during authentication to authorize access to a user's details, like name and picture.
Just In Time Provisioning (JIT)Used to create users the first time they log in to an application via an external Identity Provider
Manual Identity Provisioning WorkflowEnables visitors to your web application to create a local account with the Identity Provider.
Mapping RuleA set of rules used to transform input data into output claims.
User AttributeA user account can contain one or more attributes or claims. Unlike the User Property, this list is not static.
User propertyA user account contains one or more static claims. This list is fixed and defined by SimpleIdServer.
RealmA Realm is a space where you can manage Clients, Scopes, Users, External Identity Providers, and Certificate Authorities. Realms are isolated from one another, but the same resource can be located in one or more Realms.
ScopeOAUTH2.0 scope provide a way to limit the amount of access that is granted to an access token.
TemplateA template contains multiple categories.
VisitorAn anonymous user with no account registered in the Identity Provider.